2021 One University Virtual Assessment Celebration

On May 7, 2021, the office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (IEA) celebrated and recognized the efforts of faculty and staff who delivered learning experiences and services through innovative modalities and reflected on learning and operations in their 2019-20 assessment and action plans. We commend faculty and staff efforts to study student learning and operations in order to provide students with an unsurpassed learning experience. The event was held virtually and was attended by more than 80 people from across campus. Event recording  and slides used during the event can be accessed below.


Event Recording and Slides 

Event slides:


About the Awards

The "2021 One University Virtual Assessment Celebration" will recognize and celebrate programs/ Units around the following unique award categories:

Outstanding Assessment 

The Outstanding Assessment Award recognizes a distinguished academic program within each school/college, co-curricular program/unit, and functional unit for an overall robust assessment and action plan. This includes clear statements of student learning outcomes and/or operational outcomes/objectives, strong measures, and specific criteria/targets. Results are consistent with the identified measures, criteria/targets, and interpretation includes a summary of the strengths and weaknesses found in the evidence. A robust plan also includes implementing actions based on the results to enhance student learning and/or operational excellence and a follow-up plan detailing action and impact over time.

Best Engagement Strategies

Syracuse University's assessment framework calls various stakeholders to participate in collaborative, sustainable, and meaningful reflection. Academic, co-curricular, and functional areas are encouraged to include stakeholders at multiple levels to enhance student learning and operational success. In this category, programs/units are recognized for engaging faculty, staff and students associated with the program/unit to participate and contribute to the assessment process. Awards in this category  are presented for three areas:

    • Best Faculty Engagement Strategies in Academic Programs
    • Best Staff Engagement Strategies in Co-curricular Programs/Units
    • Best Staff Engagement Strategies in Functional Units
    • Best Student Engagement Strategies 

Best Use of Results

Syracuse University's process for conducting student learning outcomes assessment is organized into three phases. Phase-3 asks faculty/staff to identify action and follow-up plans based on the assessment results. Based on results, faculty/staff members suggest and implement actions to improve the academic, co-curricular, (or)  functional program/ unit. The rationale for actions taken or not taken is clearly documented in detail for each student learning outcome/ or objective being assessed in the academic year. A follow-up detailing how actions have been implemented and the impact of actions over time is clearly described. Therefore, the best use of results is determined by how results from the assessment process are used in making decisions about the program/unit.  Awards in this category are presented  in three areas:

    • Best Use of Results in Academic Programs
    • Best Use of Results in Co-curricular Programs/Units
    • Best Use of Results in Functional Units

The Assessment Working Team (AWT) reviewed the 2019-20 annual progress reports and referenced the feedback rubrics describing University expectations for each phase of the assessment process.

The awards will be announced at the "2021 One University Virtual Assessment Celebration" event on May 7, 2021.  The AWT will contact award recipients via email to inform them of their award and invite them to participate in the event.


School/College/Area  Program/Unit 
School of Architecture B. Arch
The College of Arts and Sciences Arabic Studies Minor
School of Education  Educational Leadership CAS
College of Engineering and Computer Science Bioengineering BS
Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics Nutrition Science BS
School of Information Studies Applied Data Science MS
College of Law Law JD
Whitman School of Management Real Estate BS
Maxwell School Public Administration MPA
Newhouse Broadcast & Digital Journalism MS
College of Visual & Performing Arts Fashion Design BFA
University College English Language Institute
Co-curricular Program/Unit Office of Student Living
Functional Unit Center for Disability Resources

Area Program/Department/Unit 
Academic Programs, Faculty Engagement Human Development and Family Science Department
Co-curricular Programs/Units, Staff Engagement  Office of Multicultural Affairs
Functional Units, Staff Engagement College of Law Dean's Office
Co-curricular Programs/Units, Student Engagement Shaw Center for Public and Community Service

Area Program/ Unit
Academic Programs Social Work BS
Co-curricular Programs/Units Dean of Students Office
Functional Units Admissions