Important Dates

All course feedback at Syracuse University is administered through an online platform following the important dates below.

Course Administration

Important access dates to take action with.

Fall 2023

FunctionStart Date
Administrator Course Confirmation BeginsSeptember 5, 2023
Mid-Course Feedback | Instructors Add QuestionsSeptember 28 - October 11, 2023
Mid-Course Feedback Student WindowOctober 12 - October 19, 2023
Mid-Course Feedback Report Access (Instructor Only)October 20, 2023
Instructor Access to Add Custom Questions21-days prior to a course's feedback opening
Regular Session FeedbackNovember 30 - December 13, 2023
Administrator Report Access | Regular Session CoursesJanuary 4, 2024
Instructor Report Access | Regular Session CoursesJanuary 7, 2024
Administrator Report Access | Flex Courses14-days after course end date
Instructor Report Access | Flex Courses17-days after course end date

Regular Session Courses

Regular session courses open 14 days before the start of final exams and run for 14 days

DescriptionFirst/Last Day of ClassesSurvey Dates (Regular Session)
Fall 2023August 28 - December 12, 2023November 30 - December 13, 2023

Flex Format Courses

Flex format course feedback windows are determined by the calendar length of the course:

Course LengthCourse Feedback Duration
1-14 DaysOpens last day of class for 7 days
15-28 DaysOpens 3 days before class ends for 7 days
29-56 DaysOpens 7 days before class ends for 9 days
57+ DaysOpens 14 days before class ends for 14 days

If you have any questions about the course feedback process please contact us at