Gradescope FAQs

Is training available?

Yes! Another bubble sheet focused workshop will be scheduled soon. To register, visit our Gradescope webpage. All workshop recordings can be found on the IE website, and more sessions will be scheduled in the spring semester.

Don’t want to wait? Visit the Get Started page on the Gradescope website to view “how to” videos and read the Gradescope article on start using the platform.

Does Gradescope use a specific bubble sheet?

Gradescope provides a template that you can print from any standard printer using regular sheets of paper. There is a downloadable template available on the IE website. Scantron forms (pink bubble sheets) obtained from your department cannot be used with Gradescope.

How do I score the Gradescope bubble sheets?

Gradescope is an online platform that allows you to use a scanned PDF file of your students’ exams. Scan student forms on any copier and upload or drop the pdf file in Gradescope. If you have completed exams from the Center for Disability Resources (CDR), access the file via the Disability Faculty Portal and drop it into your assignment in Gradescope. Gradescope automatically scores all responses by marking correct and incorrect bubbles according to the rubric you have set up.

Can I export the grades from Gradescope to my gradebook?

Yes! The integration with Blackboard allows you to publish to your gradebook in a click of a button skipping any need to export/import between systems.

How do I access Gradescope?

Gradescope is integrated with Blackboard, so you and your students will not need to create or use a separate Gradescope password because you are authenticated via your Syracuse University credentials.

  • Blackboard Original View: From your course page, click “Tools” and select “Gradescope Course.”
  • Blackboard Ultra View: From your course page, click “Books and Tools” and select “Gradescope Course.”

Using the Blackboard integration is strongly recommended. If you don’t use Blackboard, you can access Gradescope by going to and selecting Syracuse University from the list of institutions to sign in with your Syracuse University credentials.

What are key features for bubble sheet exams in Gradescope?

  • Automatic Grading: Gradescope can automatically detect and grade the bubble sheets based on the answer key you set up.
  • Partial Credit: You can assign partial credit for questions that have multiple correct options or meet specific criteria.
  • Question Tagging: This feature allows you to categorize and label specific questions within assessments, facilitating organized grading and analysis based on themes or concepts.
  • Item Analysis: Detailed breakdown of how students performed on each question, including statistics such as the average score, standard deviation, distribution of responses, and discriminatory score.
  • Publish Grades: Integration with Blackboard allows you to publish grades to your gradebook in a click of a button.

What if I have other questions or need assistance?

Please contact Institutional Effectiveness for general support, inquiries, or transitioning to Gradescope.

Technical support questions about Gradescope can be directed to