The Shared Competencies Rubrics were developed by communities of practice to articulate what Syracuse University students should know and be able to demonstrate by the time they graduate. The rubrics are intended for institutional-level use in assessing and reflecting on undergraduate student learning. Assessment results are used to study equity in the student learning experience, facilitate professional development for faculty and staff, build on student strengths, and close learning gaps.

Ethics, Integrity, and Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion rubric (*pdf)

Critical and Creative Thinking rubric (*pdf)

Scientific Inquiry and Research Skills rubric (*pdf)

Civic and Global Responsibility rubric (*pdf)

Communication Skills rubric (*pdf)

Information Literacy and Technological Agility rubric (*pdf)

Design learning experiences using the rubrics:

The learning outcomes, indicators, and performance descriptions are broadly worded so each discipline has the flexibility to apply them within their own context. Each rubric contains the competency framing language and a guidance and preamble section. The guidance and preamble section provides detailed insights and serves as a message from the community of practice to the faculty or staff member using the rubric.

Faculty teaching courses with competency tags may refer to the rubrics when developing course learning objectives, signature assignments, and experiences for students.

Staff designing learning experiences or supervising students in campus jobs may refer to the rubrics to enhance applied learning in context.

Rubric development is an iterative process. These rubrics will continue to evolve as faculty and staff utilize them to design and reflect on student learning experiences. Faculty and staff feedback is important. Please send feedback to

Let’s learn from one another:

Did you design an assignment or learning experience using the rubric? We are collecting assignments (instructions and student samples) and other learning experience artifacts to build a library for faculty and staff to reference in their teaching and learning efforts. Materials can be sent to