Below is a list of  Frequently Asked Questions broken down by each user type.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please feel free to contact us directly at coursefeedback@syr.edu.


Why does the University collect student ratings?*

Student ratings are the primary method on campus for faculty to hear from students about what they like and do not like in their courses. Faculty may use student feedback to modify their course content, change their pedagogical approach, and inform their strategies for improving their courses. Academic departments and schools/colleges use student ratings data when instructors are being considered for tenure and/or promotion.

How do I know if my feedback is confidential?

The feedback you provide remains confidential and no identifying information is recorded or distributed on the reports that are generated.

Who uses the feedback that I provide?

Your feedback is valued and used by departments and instructors. Your input is very important and directly impacts actions to update and enhance course instruction and environments.

Why do I have to complete this course feedback for every course I take?

We understand that you may be taking several courses which leads to a good amount of feedback to provide. Part of our goal is to receive your direct feedback for each course offered at Syracuse University so that we can work together to improve each individual learning environment as well as the entire campus collectively. Together we can make changes and improve the quality of life.

How do I access my online student ratings forms?*

On the day that the system opens, you will receive an e-mail from each department in which you are taking a course that is using the online system. In that e-mail is a link to the online student rating site and your unique passcode for the current semester. Please note that this passcode is for your use only, as it will allow you to access the student rating forms for the specific courses that you are taking. Each passcode is also unique to each semester, so you will be provided with a new passcode each term.

What if I delete my student rating invitation e-mail?*

You can go to http://aaf-ratings.syr.edu/SR/passcode.asp to get a passcode reminder sent to you.


Why haven’t I received feedback for a course that I taught?

You will not receive a report if your department did not select your course to be evaluated. We also do not generate reports that receive less than three responses in order to keep the confidentiality of identifying students intact.

What type of feedback do I receive from student ratings?*

Depending on the policy of your department or school/college, the statistical data provided for each question on the form generally include mean score, standard deviation, and frequency of each response. Additionally, student responses to open-ended questions will be provided. For comparison purposes, you may also receive departmental or school/college mean scores for several questions on the form.

What should I do with student feedback?*

Student feedback can be used to identify your teaching strengths and weaknesses, as perceived by your students. Analyzing the information objectively can provide valuable insight into your teaching and be used to make positive changes in your course or teaching practices.


How do I know when to select courses to be evaluated?

Please refer to the Important Dates web page to track upcoming deadlines.

I have courses that end outside of the end-of-course feedback period. How do I evaluate these?

If your department has courses to gather course feedback on that end prior to the end of semester, please contact us directly to coordinate setting up a administration window for hose courses specifically.


*question taken from the Office of Institutional Research website