Gradescope Tips

Gradescope has successfully launched with many instructors utilizing the grading tool since the Fall 2023 semester. This page highlights some of the most heavily utilized features of the Gradescope and tips we have learned along the way that may benefit its users.

Compatible Web Browsers

Gradescope is compatible and supports the latest and one previous version for the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge

Safari users may need to make a small change to their browser settings if Gradescope does not appear within the embedded window in Blackboard:

  • From the menu bar in Safari, choose Safari > Settings (or Preferences). Then click Websites, Privacy, or Security to access these settings: Ensure Prevent cross-site tracking is unchecked.

Student Views

There are two ways to gain an understanding of what your students see while using Gradescope.

  1. Browse the Student Center in Gradescope for more information and screenshots in some of the processes your students will be doing.
  1. Add yourself as a student in your course by using a different email address than the one you login as an instructor with.

Scanning Submissions

There are a number of tips and tricks you can employ during your scanning of student work.

  • Scan in batches of 50-75 pages for the PDF to process and arrive in your inbox more timely.
  • If scanning multi-page student work, simply cut off the corners with the staple. Gradescope will still recognize the submission.
  • If student work is not completed on both sides of the paper, adjust your printer settings to scan front-only. This greatly reduces the file size and processing to your email inbox.