Course Feedback

A Holistic Approach to Enriching Teaching and Learning

Syracuse University’s holistic approach to enriching teaching and learning focuses on faculty self-reflection, professional development, class observation, student course feedback, and measuring student learning. 

IE Holistic Approach to Enriching Teaching and Learning

The Course Feedback Framework

 Core elements of the course feedback framework include:

  • Students have the opportunity to provide feedback on their courses regardless of delivery format, time schedule, or campus location.
  • The process provides actionable feedback to improve teaching and learning, rather than individual instructor ratings.
  • Each school/college continues to determine how course feedback is used within their respective area with regard to teaching, learning, promotion, and tenure.
  • The majority of course feedback items address departmental and instructor needs; the form also includes a set of common questions used for all Syracuse University courses.

There are multiple ways to access the University’s course feedback system from your phone, tablet, or computer:

  • Log in to with your Syracuse University credentials.
  • Click on the link in invitation or reminder emails from “Syracuse University Course Feedback.”
  • In Blackboard, click “Tools” in the main menu and then select the “Course Feedback” tile.

Gathering input from students, staff, faculty, and school/college leadership is an important activity for the IE team. We are available to meet to discuss the course feedback process. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the IE course feedback team. We look forward to working with you!

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