Focus on Teaching and Learning: Lunch and Learn Series

This series is a collaborative effort with the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence and aims to build your skills and knowledge while engaging in conversation and discussion with colleagues during a lunch and learn format. Connect your work with the workshop topic and leave with concrete ideas for incorporating it into your classroom experience. Lunch will be provided for all participants.

Please register at least one week prior to the workshop.

Teach the Students You Have

September 25, 2019
Peter Graham Scholarly Commons, 114 Bird Library

This session will explore strategies for designing course objectives with your current students in mind. It will focus on identifying what they need to know by the end of your course and five years down the road.

The Fast and the Formative:
Strategies to Gauge Learning in the Moment

October 29, 2019
Peter Graham Scholarly Commons, 114 Bird Library

Have you ever wondered if your students are comprehending the material you just taught? This session will explore various strategies for finding out what your students are learning as they learn it.

Coming in Spring 2020

February: How do I know if my instructional changes are effective?

March: How do I make “group work” work?

April: Creative Assignments and Alternative Assessments