Assessment & Action Plan (AAP) Tools & Templates

Resources for Planning & Self-Study (P&SS)

Please follow this link and access the guides, videos, and worksheets for Planning & Self-Study (P&SS).

Academic Programs

Assessment Using a Curriculum Map

The academic program’s curriculum map helps faculty identify which course(s) to choose across all program offerings when assessing selected student learning outcomes. The following two approaches provide insights on how to use curriculum map in examining student work directly and faculty notes to supplement them. You can choose one of these approaches depending on your need.

Additional Resources for Curriculum Mapping

Please follow this link for curriculum map templates, and information on workshops and requesting consultations.

Co-Curricular Programs and Units

  • Co-Curricular Assessment Map Template (*.xlsx)
  • Creating Strong Measures and Criteria Resource (*.pdf)

Functional Units

  • Functional Unit Assessment Map Template (*.xlsx)

Common Tools & Templates