Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping is the process of aligning courses and other learning experiences with student learning outcomes. Curriculum mapping shows the relationship between the program’s student learning outcomes and curriculum. It also demonstrates the progression of student learning in the academic program, identifies gaps in the curriculum, promotes discussion among the faculty, communicates expectations to students, and enhances the academic program’s assessment and action plan.

Please find the slides below which offer an overview of the curriculum mapping process along with best practices. Utilize the curriculum map templates provided below to facilitate the development of your curriculum map.

Curriculum Map Templates

Note: The following curriculum mapping tools were adapted from the Carnegie Mellon University Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation.

Note, if your program’s curriculum has tracks and you would like to include track information in your map, please email the Assessment Working Team (assessment for a curriculum map template with tracks.

Curriculum Mapping Consultations

The Assessment Working Team conducts individual or group consultations for curriculum mapping. If your academic program or department is interested, please use the button below to schedule an appointment with a member of the Assessment Working Team.