IEA exam scoring services will be offered for Syracuse University courses using Scantron bubble sheets for in-person instruction on campus. To follow public health guidelines and safe social distancing practices, all exams can be submitted using the secure IEA drop-box located directly outside the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center. Details on where to drop-off/pick-up exams can be found here.

Please read below for updated General Information and requirements on how to Prepare Exams for Drop-off. Our complete Policies and Procedures can be found here.

General Information

  • Drop off: Exams can be submitted in the IEA drop-box located outside the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center.
    • Instructors must contact us at examscoring@syr.edu to inform what date the exam was dropped off in the box.
  • We aim to return all exam results within 24-72 hours of receiving.
  • Exam results are returned through the MySlice system.
  • Pick-up: Exams will be stored in secure cabinets at IEA until they can be picked up by the instructor or TA. If immediate return is necessary, please contact examscoring@syr.edu to plan for pick-up.

Prepare Exams for Drop-off

  • Ensure all Scantron sheets are ordered in the same direction and every sheet front-facing in the following order:
  • Bundle the complete exam (control sheets, answer sheets) inside a clasped or tied envelope (to ensure sheets are secured) and clearly include the following information on the outside:
    • Course Prefix, Number, and Section
    • Professor Name
    • Professor SYR Email
    • Drop-off Person’s Name
    • Drop-off Person’s SYR Email
    • Date the exam is dropped off

Multiple envelopes can be used for large classes. Please indicate the number of envelopes for a single exam on the outside of the envelope (e.g., for exam forms in two separate envelopes, label “1/2” and “2/2”)

Contact us at examscoring@syr.edu if there are any additional notes or information we will need while scoring the exams.