Spring 2021 Update

IEA exam scoring services will be offered during the spring 2021 semester as long as Syracuse University continues holding in-person courses on campus. In an effort to follow public health guidelines and safe social distancing practices, all exams must now be submitted using the new secure IEA drop-box located directly outside the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center. Details on where to drop-off/pick-up exams can be found here.

Please read below for updated General Information and requirements on how to Prepare Exams for Drop-off. Our complete Policies and Procedures can be found here.

General Information

  • Drop off: Exams must be submitted in the IEA drop-box located outside the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center.
    • Instructors must contact us at examscoring@syr.edu to inform what date the exam was dropped off in the box.
  • We aim to return all exam results within 24-72 hours of receiving.
  • Exam results are returned through the MySlice system.
  • Pick-up: Due to access and social distancing limitations at the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center, exams will be stored through the semester at IEA. If immediate return is necessary, please contact examscoring@syr.edu to make other arrangements for pick-up.

Prepare Exams for Drop-off

  • Ensure all Scantron sheets are ordered in the same direction and every sheet front-facing in the following order:
  • Bundle the complete exam (control sheets, answer sheets) inside a clasped or tied envelope (to ensure sheets are secured) and clearly include the following information on the outside:
    • Course Prefix, Number, and Section
    • Professor Name
    • Professor SYR Email
    • Drop-off Person’s Name
    • Drop-off Person’s SYR Email
    • Date the exam is dropped off

Multiple envelopes can be used for large classes. Please indicate the number of envelopes for a single exam on the outside of the envelope (e.g., for exam forms in two separate envelopes, label “1/2” and “2/2”)

Contact us at examscoring@syr.edu if there are any additional notes or information we will need while scoring the exams.