Introducing EvaluationKIT

EvaluationKIT by Watermark was selected as Syracuse University’s new online system for implementing the course feedback framework following a comprehensive review of enterprise course feedback platforms.

Features include:

  • Consistent data collection and faculty capability to directly manage key tasks and tailor input to their needs
  • Blackboard integration with seamless access, resulting in increased engagement of both faculty and students in the course feedback process
  • Flexible course feedback format that includes questions at university, departmental, and individual instructor levels; availability of multiple question formats
  • Powerful reporting options to inform instructional and planning efforts in a timely way
  • Alignment with the University’s commitment to technology accessibility
  • Student access via computer, tablet, or mobile device


EvaluationKIT Planning Resources

This semester, the EvaluationKIT prototype is ongoing with iSchool, University College, and Whitman. EvaluationKIT will be launched for courses in all locations/delivery formats starting in May 2020.

Learn more about EvaluationKIT and the University’s course feedback practices and polices, as well as course feedback planning resources: