EvaluationKIT by Watermark is Syracuse University’s  online system for collecting course feedback. The platform was launched for University courses in all locations/delivery formats in May 2020. EvaluationKIT allows for all courses to receive feedback at the end of the course regardless of course duration, format, or location. The system uses rules that look at the overall duration for each course when determining the feedback windows. This means that course feedback will always be administered in the final week(s) of your class!

For students, EvaluationKIT brings all courses together to keep you notified and aware so you can provide your feedback:

  • All course feedback is located in one easy to use system
  • Email notifications include information for all courses you are enrolled in for the semester for which you can provide feedback for
    • Sent from Syracuse University Course Feedback to consolidate and reduce the number of emails you will receive
    • A table will show your course titles, survey start/end dates, and which ones you completed
  • Access in Blackboard via the Course Feedback module
  • Mobile friendly access

For instructors and administrators, EvaluationKIT brings more information and visibility right to your fingertips. It offers the following:

  • Up-to-date response rate tracking
  • Visibility of your courses included for feedback
  • Access to reports within the system that always remain available
  • Email notifications to show you which courses are open for feedback
  • Email notifications the day you can access course-level reports

How It Works

  1.  Semester courses are synced-with and imported directly from Blackboard
  2. All courses are reviewed and preset using system rules to determine the duration of the feedback period
  3. Administrators from all areas are contacted and notified that the semester project is now active
  4. Administrators must review and confirm their entire course lists within EvaluationKIT, paying close attention to:
    1. Cross-listed/merged sections
    2. Instructor assignments
    3. Survey start/end dates
    4. Any classes that are missing or that should be excluded
  5. Final adjustments are made by the IEA team after confirmation from administrators
  6. Email communication is setup to automatically deploy the following:
    1. Initial notification to students/instructors when a course’s feedback window opens
    2. Reminder emails for non-respondents to students/instructors every 3-days until the course feedback window closes
    3. Results notification when instructors/admin can access course reports