Functional areas are defined as departments and units that provide operational processes and services of the institution. Functional Areas also include the Dean’s Offices and University Senate Committees. The assessment focus is on developing unit goals and objectives that support improvements that are aligned with the unit’s mission.

The annual progress reporting window for functional areas is open through October 15. Functional area contacts are asked to provide updated assessment and action plans summarizing results, interpretation, and action taken for fiscal year 2019. The progress report is completed in Tk20 for the 2018-19 assessment period. Please review our list of important reminders.

The process for conducting assessment for functional areas is organized into three phases:

assessment_cycle_final-974x1024Phase 1 — Specify and Plan:

  • Specify goals and objectives
  • Determine strategies for each objective
  • Determine targets for each objective

Phase 2 — Collect and Analyze:

  • Collect the data for targets specified in Phase 1
  • Analyze and interpret the results

Phase 3 — Action and Follow-up:

  • Indicate what actions will be taken
  • Determine the impact of the actions taken

Our assessment team assembled guides, examples, and templates to help develop Assessment and Action Plans (AAP) which you can find in assessment resources.

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