Additional Tk20 by Watermark Platforms

Tk20 by Watermark is comprised of several other platforms, in addition to Assessment Planning, including:

Accreditation Management

  • Create and use templates for self-studies and compliance reports
  • Collaborate by adding contributors and reviewers
  • Assign due date(s) for specific sections
  • Compile supporting documentation in an evidence room
  • Share report(s) electronically through shared sites

Schools/colleges, academic programs, and other units with specialized accreditation can use the Accreditation Management platform to manage the reaccreditation process. Contact the Assessment Working Team at to learn more about using Accreditation Management.

Field Experience

  • Store both agency and student information within the system
  • View data on a split screen for student placement in the field
  • Create, distribute, and compile field-based assessments

Course-Based Assessment

  • Design key assignment templates for consistent data collection
  • Collect and store student work


  • Assess student learning on and off campus, show student achievement over time, and encourage students to reflect on their experiences
  • Portfolios are developed by student and reviewed by faculty

Contact the Assessment Working Team at to learn more.