Co-curricular units include unique mix of programs and services that focus on student learning and development outside of the classroom (e.g., Learning Communities, Health Promotion, McNair Scholars Program, Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship, Mary Ann Shaw Center for Public & Community Service, etc.). Units with co-curricular initiatives have goals that will include both student-focused goals and operational goals.

The annual progress reporting window for co-curricular programs and units will be July 1 through October 15. Co-curricular contacts are asked to provide updated assessment and action plans summarizing results, interpretation, and action taken for the 2017-18 academic year. This year, the progress report will be completed in Tk20.

The process for conducting assessment for co-curricular units is organized into three phases:

assessment_cycle_final-974x1024Phase 1 — Specify and Plan:

  • Specify goals and outcomes
  • Specify information, evidence and measures to be collected for each outcome
  • Define criteria for success

Phase 2 — Collect and Analyze:

  • Collect the data for measures specified in Phase 1
  • Analyze and interpret results

Phase 3 — Action and Follow-up:

  • Indicate changes to be made
  • Indicate how you will know the change made a difference

Our assessment team assembled guides, examples, and templates to help develop Assessment and Action Plans (AAP) which you can find in the resources section.

For additional help, please see general assessment resources that may be helpful.

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